About Janice Grove

Whole Lotta Love

Book 3 of the Zeppelin Series COMING SOON!

Janice Grove lives with her husband and family just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma where she was born and raised. Like many, she’s an avid reader who loves to let her imagination roam. Her “what if” perspective of everyday events and activities has often been her muse of inspiration in regards to the stories she writes.

Aside from reading novels of any genre and unwinding with magazines in what spare time she has, music is her constant companion; anything from Alice in Chains to Led Zeppelin, or Mozart to U2. You never know what will be playing in her ear buds. This too serves as inspiration as you will see in her Zeppelin series too as each book is named after a Led Zeppelin song.


Although she enjoyed writing in school her projects remained unfinished until little Micah simply wouldn’t leave her alone; he simply insisted she sit down and write his story….The Rain Song. Telling his story wasn’t a simple task however, what was going to be one story about a little boy and his new family quickly turned into the Zeppelin series, a twisting and turning tale full of angels, demons, and other supernatural creatures.

Come, join little Micah and his new family the Remington’s as they battle to keep their family together while coming face to face with forces they never imagined existed in their wildest dreams.

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